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Leon Powe

There were some nifty little highlights from last night’s Celtics win over the Cavaliers, some from LeBron and one big one from Leon Powe. In Powe’s highlight, he absolutely destroys Delonte West with a vicious poster-worthy dunk. Granted, West, who’s not as tall as Powe, got caught on a defensive switch and tried to do something to get in Powe’s way. It just didn’t work.

Next time, fouling him would probably work better, Delonte.

In the next clip, LeBron James does what a freak of nature does and makes the incredible look quite possible — and he does so quite effortlessly.

I think the top of his head might have touched one of the Celtics championship banners when he caught it. If I’m not mistaken, Reggie Miller said he’d never seen anyone jump off of a parquet floor and get that high in the air. The sad thing is, I think LeBron could’ve jumped higher if he needed to.