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LeBron James
I’m curious how Nike feels about that pic…

His game is so good, it can make a grown man go off in a tangent of hyperbole; although, in this case, you can believe the hype. LeBron has elevated his team to such a high level of play, the Cavaliers are playing more like steamrollers (Hey! The Cleveland Steam…, uh, no. I’m going to stop there.).

He even has Wally Szczerbiak dunking.

Whether it’s a nasty reverse dunk:

Or a “are you ****ing kidding me” buzzer beater:

LeBron is playing on such a level and enjoying himself so much, he can’t help but rub off on his teammates, who are cheering like high schoolers for jump balls. Do his stats really matter at this point? You know they were good because Atlanta doesn’t have anyone (or the defensive mindset) to actually stop him — and by “stop,” I mean, “even slow down.” As if that wasn’t enough for the Atlanta Hawks to deal with, it seems like their entire roster is injured.

Just ask Al Horford, Marvin Williams and Joe Johnson’s ankle. Having these players healthy is about the only way the Hawks would stand a chance against the Cavaliers; and by “stand a chance,” I mean, “win a game or two.” Right now, it would be shocking if Cleveland didn’t sweep Atlanta. Granted, they could take their foot off the gas in Game 3 or 4, but the way LeBron is driving his team, that doesn’t seem close to the realm of likelihood.

Hell, the way Cleveland and LeBron are playing right now, they may not lose a game until next season. Meanwhile, Team Kobe — the team everybody has penciled in against Team LeBron — is busy trying to elbow his way past the Rockets.