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LeBron's Elbow

Before the start of the Cleveland/Boston series, reports were issued about the elbow of King LeBron “MVP” James, and how it was feeling better and was nothing for Cleveland fans to worry about. These fears were thought to have been addressed after James’ stellar finish to Game 1, but after a “disinterested” 24-point outing during the Cavaliers’ Game 2 loss, fears about the King’s elbow have been re-realized.

And now, thanks to a report from a lesser-known, but no-less quality basketball blog — BallinEurope.com — perhaps the news about James’ elbow could be a little more troubling than first realized:

The bombshell: A source close to the Cleveland Cavaliers who wished to remain anonymous has admitted that LeBron James should not playing with his injury in its current state. Apparently, the damage is enough that the right arm of King James – perhaps that should be “King Richard III” for the nonce – is having great difficulty in carrying anything heavier than a basketball.

What should we make of this? First off, I’m in no position to doubt the veracity of BiE’s post, but then again, you’d expect to see a bombshell like this dropped in an official Cleveland Cavaliers news outlet. You know, something like Fear the Sword or the Cleveland.com Cavaliers blog. Nevertheless, when you consider the quality of their non-LeBron posts, it doesn’t make much sense to think BiE would manufacture something like this out of thin air.

Granted, when you see the image of LeBron’s right arm helping David Stern hold the MVP trophy, perhaps these claims ring hollow. But then again, in the lead image, the weight of the Maurice Podoloff Trophy is being supported by LeBron’s left arm, as well as both of Commissioner Stern’s left and right hand.

For what it’s worth, Fear the Sword is reporting James is going in for yet another MRI on his elbow, giving credence to BiE’s report. If, in fact, James’ elbow is doing as poorly as feared, you have to like the Celtics’ chances for winning the series even more. Well, that and the fact the Cavaliers seem to have no answer for Rajon Rondo.