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King James

While he doesn’t think it’s anything serious, the NBA’s best player is still bothered by his right elbow, which, from James’ descriptions, sounds like it’s in perpetual “I just hit my funny bone” status. While he doesn’t think the elbow will be an issue against the Boston Celtics — he even tells Cleveland fans not to worry — if the joint continues to give him the same kind of problems, it will affect James’ scoring effectiveness. If you need further proof about that, just watch him shoot that left-handed free throw again.

As indicated, James doesn’t think his elbow’s in any trouble:

“It bothers me because I don’t know what it is,” James said. “Hopefully it doesn’t continue to bother me. But I’m not concerned. Cleveland fans have nothing to worry about. They have no reason to panic. I don’t think it’s that serious.”

Nevertheless, the fact that it’s still hurting today does give me pause; LeBron, as well, because his elbow’s being reexamined today by Cleveland’s team doctors. I can imagine David Stern is hoping for the best news possible.

As for Cleveland’s next opponent, the Boston Celtics, it wouldn’t surprise me to see everyone player on Doc Rivers’ roster bump, jostle, slap, push and pull on James’ elbow. I mean, as a coach, your job is to provide your team with its best chance to win, and Boston/Cleveland game with a hobbled LeBron James obviously favors the Celtics. With that in mind, perhaps Big Baby Davis should just sit on LeBron’s arm.

The Celtics/Cavaliers series starts on Saturday. I’m sure we’ll know about the complete inner and outer workings of James’ elbow by then. One last thing, in case you’re wondering where the caption on the lead image came from, thank Mr. Show.