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Not even NBA royalty is immune to having a bad game, right LeBron? In the third and fourth quarters combined, James missed 13-straight shots–including all 6 in the fourth, the first time in his career he has done so. The result? The Bulls beat the Cavaliers in overtime, their first win against Cleveland this season.

It was so bad for James, Tyrus Thomas got a highlight-worthy blocked shot at the rim. In normal circumstances, he would’ve at least drawn a foul. Not so last night. Apparently, James was fighting off an illness:

“This was my worst game of the season,” James said. “I was sick, and when I get sick I miss layups and putbacks. It’s tough out there when you can’t breathe. But they did a good job defensively on me.”

Adding insult to illness is the fact LeBron’s Nikes suffered a slight blowout midway through the fourth, leaving an ugly black streak on the United Center floor. Yes, it was that kind of night for the league’s brightest star.