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Cleveland lost, but man, LeBron is just a freak. Question: Is LeBron the best non-big man shot blocker, maybe ever? After corralling four blocks last night, including another breakaway denial of Ray Allen, it’s becoming a point worth making. His timing, paired with his obscene athleticism, makes him almost a perfect defender of the rim, especially on break out plays when James has time to track you down from behind. Unfortunately for James, his four blocks didn’t do much to derail the Celtics. In fact, for a large portion of the second half, James looked like the only Cavalier who deserved to be on the floor. Shaq looks old, Moe Williams looks average and the rest of James’ teammates look downright forgettable. Granted, this one was only one game, but I just don’t see LeBron being happy having to carry his team again over an entire season, only to give it all away in the playoffs.

His talent level gives him the ability to haul his team to a winning record, but to win rings in the NBA, you need more than just one superstud.

I’m curious, but does anyone use their off-hand anymore, especially when they know LeBron is trailing them on the break? Had Allen went left, James would’ve missed on the block.