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So yeah, the Cleveland Cavaliers, after enjoying a four day break, went down to Orlando last night and beat the the Magic. As per usual, LeBron led the way with 36 points and eight rebounds as he hit the Magic with an array of jump shots they had no chance of stopping. With that in mind, I guess that means all is right in the world of LeBron and he’ll be staying in Cleveland when his contract expires at the end of the season, right? I mean, every time the Cavaliers have lost this season, there’s tons of postulation about which team James will sign with, so why isn’t the opposite true when his team beats one of league’s perceived elites?

If he’s leaving town after losing to Bulls, he’s certainly staying after beating the Magic, right?

What other reason would he put a stop the free agency questions if a win against Orlando is all it takes for him stay? He’s obviously made up his mind and wins like last night’s only reinforce his position. Of course, who knows what happens if the Cavaliers lose again this season, but as of now, surely beating the Magic equals King James is a Cavalier for life.