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Hand of LeBron

What’s going on in the picture above? Does LeBron want Kenyon to tell him how his hand tastes? Or is he asking him, “Can you smell that?” Maybe he’s imitating the new South Park and is trying to slap Martin in the face. You know, like this guy:

South Park Slap

See? He even has a headband too — just like LeBron.

Actually, this was part of the first quarter assault both Denver and Cleveland put on last night during the Cavaliers 110-99 win over the Nuggets, their sixth in a row. As indicated, the first quarter was an exercise in attacking basketball without the burden of a good defense trying to stop either team. In fact, both teams scored at will in the first stanza as they combined for 69 points.

It was during this explosive first quarter when LeBron decided he wanted to attack the rim again and again and the Nuggets were more than happy to let him, giving up four first quarter dunks to the potential MVP. One of them was the Dunk of the Night, which we have here:

James finished the game with 22 points, 10 assists and 8 rebounds, meaning his efforts in rebounding department need to be revisited because he was unwilling to grab two more for the sake of having a triple-double. Slacker.