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LeBron is looking for a change. He’s had enough of the same environment, and now he’s looking to move on. So get ready, LeBron fans, to make some major changes to your wardrobe; one that was built out of a desire to worship at the altar of King James. You know? Someone like this guy. Anyway, if you love/covet LeBron, it’s time to prepare yourself for some change.

Starting next season — provided the NBA approves the request — James will no longer be wearing number 23. He’s applied to have his number changed from the familiar number, made uber-popular by Michael Jordan, to the number six, the same number he wears in the Olympics. The motivation for LeBron’s number switch comes from a couple of different sources, according to the man himself:

James first brought up the idea in November, saying he wanted to give up No. 23 out of respect to his hero, Michael Jordan. At that time he said he was “50/50″ on switching to No. 6, his Olympic number and the day of the month his first son was born. That now seems to be 100 percent.

“I’ve done it,” James said. “I already sent it in. I’m going to be No. 6.”

So yeah, you know what the means — again, provided the request gets NBA approval — after this season, it will be time to go shopping if you want to display your LeBron love for all to see. Through it all, I kind of feel sorry for Mister LeBron James Tattoo Guy, but then again, not really. When getting your skin inked, it’s good to make sure the focal point of the piece isn’t subject to much change.

Does LeBron’s number set the stage for him joining a new team (yes, this question has been asked) or is he simply wanting a number with more personal meaning? Or, could it be a ploy from the Nike crew in an effort to create even more content for their MVPuppets next season?

Whatever the case, barring a rejection from the NBA, expect the LBJ23 brand to undergo a few LBJSix types of alterations.