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LeBron Posing
The look on his face says “this is easy”

LeBron James had quite the evening last night against the Toronto Raptors. He’s now the franchise leader in steals for the Cavaliers — Big Z became the franchise leader in rebounds too — and had a huge game that helped bury the Raptors last night, 114-94.

LeBron led the Cavs with 31 points, but it was the dunking display he put on that will be remembered. James had at least four dunks that were highlight-worthy, including a two-hander from just inside the free throw line.

The Hoop Doctors preserved LeBron’s flight for all to see:

The funny thing is, that wasn’t even the NBA’s Dunk of the Night. For that, they used LeBron’s Karl Malone imitation dunk. I guess because he made it look so damn easy:

But LeBron’s assault on the rims didn’t end there, something Yahoo’s Sports Minute documented quite nicely. Aerial acrobatics aside, just how good is this LeBron character? Does he have the supporting cast to get past the Celtics? Is it too early to even talk about these types of things, seeing how we haven’t even reached the All-Star break yet?