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LeBron Christmas

When I first saw LeBron’s incredible dunk against Houston last night — better than the blocked shot from where I’m sitting — something Christmas-y came over me, so I made the following image for your holiday enjoyment. The gif probably won’t go over so well in Houston, but maybe the Santa hat will salve any leftover hard feelings.

Because of the image’s size, it’s coming up :

LeBron's Christmas Dunk

The Air Up There indeed. Try not to hit your head while you are up that high, LeBron.

I must say, I’m fond of the Santa hat. It’s a nice touch if I do say so myself. With that, Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us at IntentionalFoul.com. If you’d like to see the dunk in question again, it’s play number five on the NBA’s “Plays of the Night” reel.