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Yeah, there’s not much going on today, unless of course, you prefer reading about Steve Phillips and his adventures in moped riding. Yes, that was a crass, little joke, but man, come on. If Phillips just wanted some strange, there are tons of women out there who are a ton more discreet than a 22-year old MySpace user who happens to be an ESPN intern production assistant. Yeah, you might have to pay a little more for said discretion, but at least your wife won’t find Fatal Attraction letters on your doorstep when you decide to move on.

Anyway, I’m digressing. The reason for this post is twofold: First, it serves as a reminder that the NBA is only six days away from starting its 2009/10 season, and judging by the lead video, LeBron James is in full defensive athletic beast mode. Second, this post is being made to avoid an ESPN analyst’s free time peccadilloes, the opening blurb notwithstanding. Back to LeBron, it looks as if he’s having no complications with his recent bout of flu, nor the cancer scare that he dealt with this past summer.

And hey, maybe the Jordan Crawford “incident” taught LeBron to be more protective of the rim. If that’s indeed the case, it looks like he’s passing that test with flying colors. Or flying blocked shots, if you will.