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Bron and Mo

One guy thinks tomorrow night’s Miami Heat/Cleveland Cavaliers/The-Night-He-Came-Home game is only “one game,” while his former teammate thinks the most NBA’s most anticipated contest of its early season will be “more than a game.” So who’s right? Considering the absolute orgy of “LeBron goes back to Cleveland” hubbub littering the sports world today — the game’s not until Thursday night, giving us 48 hours of hype — the second player, Mo Williams, clearly has a more accurate pulse reading than LeBron and his desire to downplay his return to the city he so famously spurned on that fateful July evening.

Granted, I’m not expecting to see a repeat of the Malice in the Palace debacle — although, if LeBron does indeed do that silly talcum powder thing for the Cleveland crowd, we just might — but to act like the first Miami/Cleveland game of the season is just another in the long line of 82 is a mistake. That being said, it’s easy to understand James’ desire to downplay the situation, but it seems like he’s just making it worse.

I could be wrong, however. LeBron’s too-little-too-late apology may not ring hollow in the ears of Cavaliers fans and they might just decide to forgive and forget. Then again, I might be the overall number one pick in next summer’s NBA draft, too.

Obviously, Mo Williams gets it:

“It’s definitely more than a game, I can tell you that,” Williams said following practice Wednesday. “This game has been circled. There’s a lot of playoff feeling going on.”

Of course, with the Cavaliers putting that much pressure on themselves, I’m full expecting the Heat to make things worse and actually win the game. Needless to say, the game-winning play will probably be made by LeBron, naturally, which will then lead to an avalanche of half-full cups raining down on the Heat players as they try to get off the Quicken Loans Arena floor.

Sounds like must-see TV.