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Kyle Korver

Kyle Korver, the sharp-shooting reserve for the Chicago Bulls, is taking an awful lot of, well, heat for getting spun around, and I’m quoting Quint from Jaws here, “just like a kinda top” by LeBron James in Game Three of the Eastern Conference Finals. More accurately, he’s getting absolutely clowned for his special brand of defensive prowess.

Granted, it’s always a good time having fun at the expense of others, but really, just what the hell was Korver expected to do here?


A quick search of YouTube for “Kyle Korver blocks” yields not an awful lot except this gem:

Which might help explain LeBron’s determination on the most recent play. Granted, Korver’s block of LeBron happened below the rim. If James had been able to elevate like normal, a different story occurs. As it stands, it’s doubtful Korver’s blocked shot ran through both players’ minds as LeBron was doing his locomotive impression, but with two distinctly different processes going on.

LeBron: “Try to block this one, Kyle.”

Korver: “Good God, he’s coming right at me!”

Furthermore, any player who’s as good of a shooter as Korver, but yet, is still more known for this picture than he for his shooting ability… There’s not much you can expect from such a player put in the same position, except maybe, for them to remain upright. I guess that’s not too much to ask.

Hell, at least he hustled back (I’m quickly running out of defenses for Korver’s spin out).