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You know when the fall and winter sports are about to end. It’s an unmistakable feeling. Take the Lamar Odom/sweet tooth discussion going on out in Los Angeles. Because there’s a nice little break between the Conference Finals and the actual Finals — without any other games, players or teams, basketball-wise, to break the understandable monotony — we have stories about Lamar Odom’s “candy addiction,” a “condition” that may give us some insight about Odom’s up-and-down play during the playoffs.

Never mind his back, which one writer described as, “The lump at the base of his spine was so large, it protruded through his white towel as he staggered around the locker room.” Apparently, Odom’s sweet tooth is what’s causing his back to heal at a slower pace. Not the grind of having Kenyon Martin, Nene’, and Chris Anderson beat on you for six games, but candy.

Sarcasm aside, Dr. Amen does make a point about blood sugar and how crashes are detrimental to mental and physical acuity. Nevertheless, Dr. Amen’s concern sounds more like it’s coming from a concerned, educated Lakers fan — Dr. Amen’s practice is in LA — instead of a doctor looking to combat childhood obesity. It sounds like he just wants Odom to play like he did in games five and six, and is using candy as a way to rationalize something many already knew about Odom: he’s not always consistent.

Is it the candy, his back, or his laid-back attitude that contributes to his up-and-down play? In truth, all of the above probably factor in at some point; although, during the Lakers’ 2009 playoff run, I’m willing to look at the contusion in his lumbar area before I try to bring down the junk food industry.