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In light of all the Joe Buck BS going on, I had the idea that a dunk post would be a little more entertaining… Sorry, I’m just not that taken with play-by-play announcers getting a talk show. I’m even less enthused when it takes Artie Lange acting like Artie Lange to generate headlines for said show. Color me unimpressed and unmoved. Instead, I’ve opted for one more Kobe post.

Yeah, his double-clutch floater was probably more spectacular, but we do celebrate dunks here and since there’s no more basketball until the fall, I figured this was the best way to bring a season’s worth of basketball posting to a close. Yeah, there will still be NBA Draft coverage and anything offseason worthy, but this video of Kobe’s dunk against Mickael Pietrus and the rest of the Orlando Magic front line represents the final NBA highlight post of the summer. The move Bryant made to free himself up is as good, if not better, than the dunk itself.

Granted, the dunk kind of rattled around before it fell through — a fitting result considering the luck the Lakers experienced (and made for themselves) throughout their series with the Magic. Luck like being in a position where Fisher’s huge three actually meant something, Courtney Lee’s missed layup, Howard’s missed free throws, Jameer Nelson’s (unnecessary) return, and so on.

When a championship team is presented with opportunities like that, having a player like Bryant to help capitalize makes a good team almost impossible to beat.