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Kobe and Shaq

I’m convinced the on again/off again Shaq/Kobe “feud” will never go away. Not as long as either has a voice to speak with. Normally, it’s Shaq saying something about the way his ass tastes or some other nonsense, leaving Kobe in a position to respond. Granted, he doesn’t have to say anything when his ex-running mate tries to battle rap, but then, where would the fun be in that? So when Magic Johnson asked Kobe about winning with O’Neal, Kobe says Shaq would not have won without him.

And you know what? He’s right.

The one thing all four of O’Neal’s rings have in common is him being paired with an incredible shooting guard, who essentially carries the perimeter game, while Shaq controls the paint. Granted, these types of basketball relationships are more symbiotic than parasitic — that is, one can’t survive, or in this case, win, without the other — but the point remains. Look, we borrowed video from ESPN so you can see what Kobe has to say:

Of course, Shaq has the last word in this discussion for now — You know, that whole “four rings to three” business? — but if Kobe conquers the Magic mountain, he’ll probably have the upper hand, because while O’Neal needs an otherworldly guard to win his rings, Kobe’s fourth will be without a Shaq-like interior presence. This is by no means a slap in the face of Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum, but remind me the next time either one pulls an entire basket support down in the middle of a game.