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Kobe’s going viral again and this time, his mission is to sell more Nike basketball shoes save your ankles. Kobe is the President/CEO/CFO/CMO/Owner of the Ankle Insurance Company and protecting the ankles of basketball players all over the world is his calling.

Nike’s new Kobe campaign is promoting the Zoom Kobe IV, a lower cut basketball shoe, which is bordering on the ironic considering high tops are supposed to have more ankle support than a low cut shoe. Kobe disagrees:

What’s the big deal? Very, very few NBA players use low-cut sneakers because they offer little ankle support. If they don’t wear high tops, then they tape their ankles heavily – and even that doesn’t offer the support of high tops.

So why is arguably the best player in the world taking such a chance?

“High-tops really don’t do much for you,” Bryant told the Associated Press. “If you’re going to roll your ankle, you’re going to roll it. It kind of is what it is.”

Not only is Kobe trying to protect ankles by selling Nike shoes, he’s also trying to end the negative stereotypes low-cut basketball shoes have been facing for years and years. I’m guessing the thinking is this: “you are going to roll your ankle anyway, why not do it in my shoes?”

H-t to Ethan for pointing this out.