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While the Lakers were busy sweeping the season series against the Celtics, the MVP and Boston’s point guard decided to let each other know how they felt about one another. Needless to say, especially if you can read lips, you’ll see the conversation was for adults only. I believe Rondo was telling Kobe something like, “puck two.” I guess Boston’s point guard takes those “Beat LA” t-shirts to heart.

Unfortunately for the Boston faithful, the Celtics couldn’t do what their fans asked.

Perhaps that incredibly ticky-tack sixth foul called on Kevin Garnett might have had something to do with Boston’s loss, although, Kobe hitting some huge 3-point bombs in the fourth quarter didn’t help either. And what, pray tell, was up with Boston’s final shot in the overtime period? Getting the ball to Ray Allen = Good. What Ray Allen did after he got the ball = Bad.

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