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Kobe != Jordan

Hey Mark Jackson, I have a question — can we stop with all these Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant comparisons? Please?

Now, it’s true the Finals series is far from over and there is still a chance Kobe Bean could do something spectacular to save his Lakers; however, until that happens please shelve these Jordan/Bryant comparisons.


Marc Stein said it even better than I could:

So it likewise seems safe to suggest that Bryant, as ring-laden as L.A.’s future would appear with Andrew Bynum due back next season to help Odom and Pau Gasol on the front line, won’t be subjected to those nagging Michael Jordan comparisons for a while. With six losses in his past seven Finals games, Kobe is on the brink of a second successive five-game exit in the championship round.

Something you won’t find on MJ’s résumé, obviously.

Nuff said. Now stop it.