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Kobe Bryant received his second-ever technical foul-based ejection during the Charlotte Bobcats surprising win in Los Angeles last night. His first came in February as the Lakers were dismantling the Seattle Sonics.

Not only was it his second time being tossed out of game for techs, it was his 15th technical foul of the season. One more and he has to sit out a game while serving a mandatory suspension. As you can see in the video, Kobe’s frustration kept building and building until he snapped… sometime around Emeka’s blocked shot.

I guess losing to the Bobcats — at home — can really ruin your day. I mean, they do have one of the worst road records in the NBA, with seven total road victories. I imagine Kobe Bean is marking the days off of his calendar, waiting for the return of Bynum and Gasol.

While my video comes from the SportsCenter recap (huzzah, RedLasso), Odenized has the in-game footage.