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The NBA Dunk Contest is Saturday night, meaning a lot of sports-watching males will probably miss because of Valentine’s Day duties. For those of you lucky enough to either have a partner who likes basketball, or if you are single, there’s been a Dunk Contest development to relay: Memphis high-flier Rudy Gay has been replaced by Denver’s J.R. Smith. Smith participated in a previous contest when he played in New Orleans, and as the above video shows, he does indeed have dunking skills.

A nice behind the back finish is always something to appreciate. With that in mind, who ya got? To assist in your decision, here are the dunk contest preview videos.

Dwight Howard

Nate Robinson

Rudy Fernandez

I’m sticking with Dwight, although, if Smith can add to his bag of tricks, he stands a good chance. Of course, I’m basing that on his behind-the-back finish in the aforementioned video. Considering all that’s going on this weekend for the NBA (H-O-R-S-E-G-E-I-C-O, the normal Saturday night events, the Rookie Challenge), this year’s All Star weekend looks like it could be quite enjoyable — provided you like that sort of thing.