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While the city of Cleveland continues to burn as the reality of LeBron James leaving for Miami sets in, one particular Cleveland resident isn’t pleased with James’ abandonment, and is letting the world know his feelings. And no, I’m not talking about some random, jersey-burning Cavaliers fan, either. Try Josh Cribbs, the best player on the Cleveland Browns, and now, it looks like he’ll be the city’s new favorite son — especially if his anti-LeBron invectives continue.

First, there was the awesome “True To My Word” banner idea as a replacement for all the “Witness” billboards in Cleveland, and while that, alone, is awesome enough, Cribbs’ next move trumped.

Before the decision, the address for Cribbs’ personal site was www.joshcribbs16.com. Now, if someone goes to that URL, they are redirected to a site with the following URL: www.burnlebron.com. Evidently, Cribbs feels just as betrayed as other Cavaliers fans, and he has the resources to effectively relay his disappointment; although, I’m not sure “disappointment” is the right word.

Hatred, perhaps.

A quick glance at the new site reveals a deep sense of disappointment, if not downright disgust. For instance, there’s a YouTube of fans burning James’ jersey, which fits nicely with the site’s look and feel. It’s rare to see another professional athlete react in such a manner towards another pro, especially one that doesn’t play the same sport. Of course, Cleveland fans — and yes, I’m referring to Cribbs as a fan at the moment — are a different breed than you and me.

A fanbase can only take scalding rejection and failure for so long before they lash out.

Obviously, Josh Cribbs, now the best professional athlete in Cleveland, is not immune from those kinds of reactions. A word of advice, however:

Don’t leave town for a bigger contract or a better chance to win, Josh; unless, of course, you want to look like a hypocrite.