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Here’s another angle of the “Jordan Crawford over LeBron” dunk that, all of a sudden, we can’t keep from discovering. Where was this two weeks ago, guys?

Oh, and for those defending LeBron, saying he was merely late on the rotation; you might want to watch again. He got caught being lackadaisical on defense and Crawford made him pay for his mistake. Simple as that. Still, I don’t see why LeBron was so damn worried about this tape getting out. It’s not like his reputation as the NBA’s best player took a hit because he got dunked on. The relatively benign nature of this dunk — something I’m sure happens time and time again in NBA practices — only makes James look worse.

Really, was there something these vids that was worth hiding? The answer, after such a long and unnecessary wait is a resounding “no.”

H/t to eBaum Nation for the find — although, I’m not sure a press release was entirely necessary.