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Apparently, the debut of G-E-I-C-O-H-O-R-S-E at the NBA’s All Star festivities has had some carry over to the second half of the season. At least it did for Joe Johnson. Johnson was one of the participants in the playground game, and now, he’s challenging others who have made trick-like shots. One such player, LeBron James, made a beyond half court shot the other day while he was warming up. Joe Johnson couldn’t take that sitting down. Or could he?

If we are going by the video, then yes, Johnson will take it sitting down. In fact, his challenge to James is predicated on having a seat — where he then makes a 3-point basket, essentially telling LeBron to “top that.”

Perhaps the league should encourage this so we can have a season-long back-and-forth of pregame horse. Pick a few players and have them attempt certain shots before the game starts. The rest of the “contestants” will then have to respond with a creative shot of their own. Let the fans decide who had the best shot, and give the rest of the participants receive a letter. You could keep this going to by offering cash incentives to the players that win and restart the game if it happens to end before the season does.

Obviously, I’m digressing a little, but the idea is an attractive one. If it ever does happen, I hope those picking the “contestants” are smart enough to include Dwight Howard.

A season’s worth of highlights of players making these kinds of shots? Yes, please. Imagine the support these shots would get from all the sports blogs — and the NBA has embraced the blogosphere more than any other professional league. Seems like a no-brainer to me.