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Joe Crawford

Because of the Ron Artest ejection, some non-Laker fans are having a little fun defacing referee Joe Crawford’s Wikipedia page. The issue is, some non-Kobe fans think he should’ve been thrown out of the game along with Ron and his awesome hair. First, the play in question, as if you hadn’t seen it enough:

The fallout, no doubt spurred on by the Richard Justices of the world, has been mixed with words like “fix,” as well as a hefty defacing campaign, which I’ve captured for prosperity posterity (Thanks, throwball!!!) and your enjoyment. Crawford was the official who ejected Ron Artest; although, playing Devil’s advocate here, I think it was more for the perceived “throat-slash” than it was for Artest’s unhappiness with Kobe.

The first change has to do with Crawford’s personal life and says, “Too bad Joe’s father didn’t teach him the real meaning of ‘playing fair’ as Joe Crawford has displayed that unfair act against the Houston Rockets.”

Joe Crawford Wiki
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The next alteration goes a little further than that, voicing extreme displeasure for the way Crawford handled the situation, with (sics) still in place:

Joseph “Fixy” Crawford is at it again during Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals, ensuring the Los Angeles Lakers split their first two home games with the Houston Rockets. The signature moment of the game becomes the whistle Fixy blows, aparently calling a foul on Ron Artest for throwing his throat at Kobe Bryant’s elbow. When Artest protests the call, he is quickly ejected from the game. Crawford is known for his quick whistle blowing. He’s a little bitch.

Well, then. Someone’s unhappy, and here’s the proof of rant:

Joe Crawford Wiki
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These next five games are going to be just awesome. There’s nothing like some bad blood to increase interest levels. The question is, who gets suspended? Derek Fisher, in all likelihood — but will the NBA’s front office go that extra mile and punish Kobe or Ron? That I have a hard time believing.

If Bryant doesn’t get suspended, I wonder what Dwight Howard will think? NBA Playoffs!!! It’s Elbow-tastic!!!