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Or is it, “Ray!!! It’s Jesus Shuttlesworth!!!”? Either way, the message is clear: Ray Allen can really, really shoot the ball. Just ask the Philadelphia 76ers. Allen hit two HUGH 3-point bombs to lead his Celtics to their 12th win in a row, making that “dropping seven of nine” stage seem like a distant memory.

Allen’s final shot was a thing of beauty. Not just the act of shooting the ball either. No, I’m talking about the way the play went down: Allen gets the ball on the inbounds play, passes it to Paul Pierce and then takes off for the corner. Unfortunately for Philly, none of the Sixers defenders went with Ray as he made his way to an open spot. Pierce did just enough with the ball to draw the attention of interior defense and then delivered the pass to Allen. By the time the Sixers defenders tried to recover to the best shooter on the floor, it was entirely too late.

Final score: Boston – 100, Philadelphia – 99.

Next up for Boston’s holy sharp shooter is perhaps a selection to next weekend’s All Star game. Because of an injury to Jameer Nelson, there’s a vacant spot on the reserve roster for the Eastern Conference. “I think he’s an All-Star,” coach Doc Rivers said. However, with Cleveland coach Mike Brown coaching the Eastern Conference squad, Mo Williams will get a lot of consideration as well.