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Jameer Nelson

The Orlando Magic told the Boston Celtics to put away their brooms last night, thanks, in large part, to two huge 3-point bombs in the overtime period from Magic point guard, Jameer Nelson. Nelson was so excited after he drilled the second one — over everybody’s favorite player of the moment, Rajon Rondo — he slapped Brandon Bass in the mouth during the celebratory high fives. Granted, the slap was accidental, but it was also symbolic of Orlando holding off the impending Celtics sweep.

After fighting to get back into the game, the Celtics had a number of opportunities to, well, score in the overtime stanza, and they failed to convert, which paved the way for Nelson’s bombing run. After banking in the first 3-pointer, Nelson came back on the next possession and drilled another one right in Rondo’s grill; which led to Bass getting smacked in the mouth.

Considering the size of those shots Nelson hit, smacking someone in the mouth to celebrate seems fitting.

If you didn’t catch it, pay attention around the 54-second mark.

The next question is, are the Magic officially back in the series? It depends on how you look it at. In order to win last night, a number of things had to happen: Dwight Howard had to have a big game (32, 16, and 4), as did Nelson (23, 9, 5). Then the Magic needed another player to contribute (Rashard Lewis and J.J. Redick) and they also needed the Celtics to show their age as the game wore on, something their front-end misses late in Game 4 suggests.

Here’s the thing that could worry the Magic, however:

After getting all of the above, they still only won by six points and it took an overtime period to do that. It all depends on perspective. If you’re a glass-half-full type, you’ll see a chance for the Magic to climb back into the series, but if you’re a pessimist, you’re probably worried about Game 5 and the idea of Boston playing better than they did in Game 4.

See you on Thursday.