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Philadelphia’s wayward son is back home now that the 76ers have signed him to a remainder-of-the-season contract. Iverson is expected to make his second Philadelphia debut on Monday. Until then, let’s hope he’s ready for some practice. It’s oddly fitting then, seeing how Iverson is back on a team that uses numbers for their mascot, that there are some eerie number combinations in play in relation to his time with the team. Henry Abbot has more:

Your Allen Iverson numerology update: Iverson last played for Sixers on December 6 (2006). On December 8, the Sixers said they were going to trade him. Now it looks like he’ll return on that day in the middle, December 7.

Spooky stuff. Of course, the only numbers the 76ers’ front office is concerned with is wins. And ticket sales. With that in mind, does Iverson’s return improve them or will it make players like Andre Iguodala take a back seat to Iverson’s method of demanding the ball?

The fans will, in all likelihood, turn out in support of AI, but will he make the Sixers a better team? Not everyone thinks so.