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Kevin Durant

And the rest of us, especially those of us playing basketball, are just living in it. Just ask the other FIBA World Championship contenders, especially Lithuania and Turkey. While Durant was great during the entire tournament, in the final two games for Team USA (the semifinals and the finals), Durant put his team (and his country) on his back and carried them, courtesy of perhaps the sweetest jump shot stroke in the world, to the gold medal.

Essentially, Durant and his silky-smooth shot bombed the opponents out of the tournament — just like we predicted he would (Yeah, yeah, we really went out on limb there).

In the final two games, played back-to-back, Durant scored a combined total of 66 points and 14 rebounds. He also turned the ball over four times, a minuscule amount considering how many touches he had, and how hard opposing teams were trying to guard him. Not only that, but Durant shot the ball at a high percentage, and considering the amount of outside shots he took, it makes his two-game performance all-the-more impressive.

In the final two games, Durant was 24-43 (55%), while shooting 12-26 from behind the 3-point line (5-13 against Lithuania and 7-13 against Turkey). He also broke Carmelo Anthony’s single-game scoring record for Team USA with that 38-point outing against Lithuania in the semifinals.

After the FIBA World’s were said and done, it was plain to see Durant is the best offensive basketball player in the world, and if he stays healthy, his performance in World Championship is just a sign of things to come for the NBA and FIBA. In fact, I’m not sure there’s a player in the world who matches up against Durant defensively.

Kevin Garnett perhaps, but you’d need the “pre-knee injury” KG to be completely successful, but I digress.

Over at BallisLife.com, they made a nifty highlight video of Durant’s “Take Over the World” Tour that gives you a look at his amazing scoring abilities.

If that’s not enough Durant love, there’s also a two-part tutorial on how to draw the man they call Durantula.

Clearly, it’s Kevin Durant’s world and the rest of us non-shooting peasants are lucky enough to bask in his ever-expanding glow.