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LeBron Tracker

Not only is ESPN loving the hype surrounding LeBron’s impending free agency (In less than NINE HOURS!!!!), they’re also one of the biggest drivers of the Lebron-hype bus, something their “LeBron Tracker” page indicates quite nicely. Obviously, ESPN is no longer satisfied with crushing local sports reporting with the invention of their city-related pages (ESPN NY, Boston, Chicago, etc), now they are looking to determine the outcome of the NBA free agency market, or at least play a major, major role.

The LeBron Tracker page is an exercise in excessive exposure. For example, the page features an “Inside the Brain of LeBron,” complete with nifty, interactive graphics that offer such gems like: “Note to self: Call Phil Jackson as soon as the playoffs end,” complete with a mental image of Mike Brown.

This makes perfect sense because it’s clearly Mike Brown’s fault when his star player essentially quits against the Boston Celtics and the rest of his would-be lottery team has to pick up the slack.

Other sections include a free agent slot machine and images of James in both Chicago and New York jerseys. Obviously, ESPN is trying to corner the market in getting the hopes up of fans everywhere.

Here’s my question: Where’s Dwyane Wade’s page? You know, the only player out of the “top free agents” who actually won an NBA title? While it looks like Wade’s staying in Miami, if James has a his own page at ESPN, Wade certainly should as well. Another thing, does this pave the way for future big-time free agents? Tom Brady’s contract is up next year. Will he be getting a page too?