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Yes sir, the NBA’s Slam Dunk contest is Saturday night and it has the makings of being quite memorable. We have some up-and-coming contestants who have displayed an aerial skill that should provide some high-jumping fireworks Saturday evening. Oh yeah, Dwight Howard will be there too, and that’s always a plus (alas, no 12-foot rim, however).

Dwight Howard

The beauty of this year’s contest is being limited to four dunkers. No longer are we going to have to sit through two slower rounds while the lesser dunkers remove themselves from the competition. Instead, we have four players, each capable of bringing the trophy home Saturday night. Just ask defending champ, Gerald Green.

Without further adieu, I’d like to introduce these guys, along with a nice little highlight video showing just what these guys are capable of:

Jamario Moon

Jamario is an incredible jumper who has a taste for flair (as do all the contestants, admittedly). If he can let his creativity shine, he might just surprise everyone and knock off Green and the rest of the guys.

Rudy Gay

Rudy seems to be a fan favorite and likely choice to unseat Green. To further his appeal, Rudy leveraged the YouTube crowd, asking them to send in ideas for one of his dunks. From these submissions, he’ll pick one and perform it on Saturday. As you can see, he certainly has the ability to walk away with the 2008 Slam Dunk champ trophy.

Gerald Green

Because stupid people but stupid music on good videos, I used this recent video showing some of the dunks Green may or may not do Saturday night. Remember, he’s the defending champion and because of that, the other three are going to have to bring their best.

Dwight Howard

What you just saw was one of the most creatively playful dunks ever pulled off. Not only did Dwight get close to the top of the backboard, he also added some flair to it, a fact that apparently escaped the judges’ notice the first time around.

While big men rarely do well in these contests, Dwight might have just enough personality to go along with his astounding natural ability to break that stereotype.

So who do you think’s going to win? For some reason, I’m picking Howard; 12-foot rim or not.