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Laker Girls

Since we focused on the Eastern Conference dancers of the NBA Playoffs last week, why not turn our spotlight on the West? So that’s what we did. In this edition, we’ll feature our favorite dancer from each of the respective playoff teams from the Westside.

You know, to entice you to watch the Playoffs a little more this weekend.

Favorite Lakers Dancer


Richelle is the one for us.

Favorite Nuggets Dancer

Keri Blunt

Ah yes, the red-headed Keri. She’s our top Nugget.

Favorite Jazz Dancer


Brindie is just plain awesome. Although, Jocelyn came in a close second.

Favorite Rockets Dancer


We’ve been fond of Emily for a while now (terrible linking structure you’ve got there, Rockets web designers). Maybe it’s the hair…

Favorite Spurs Dancer


Sofia is money (again with the atrocious linking structure). Plain and simple.

Favorite Suns Dancer


Kayla. Whoa. Not much else I can add.

Favorite Hornets Dancer


Man, oh man. Kadie, Kadie, Kadie. Winner. By far.

Favorite Mavericks Dancer


The name “Evelyn” must equal elegance because that’s what she has and that’s what she is. Nicely done, Mark.

Hopefully, this little post will add some a little extra excitement for this weekend’s basketball while giving you something to watch out for. Congratulations ladies on winning your respective IEC award. It’s most certainly well-earned.