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I’m not a LeBron follower/worshiper or anything like that. In fact, I’ve been pretty critical of King James since he quit against the Celtics in the playoffs. The unnecessary “Taking My Talents to South Beach” thing on ESPN didn’t help matters at all. That being said, there’s something about LeBron’s new Nike commercial that I like very much.

Sure, the self-awareness bit is, undoubtedly, part of Nike’s marketing machine plan, and I’m sure LeBron’s words do absolutely nothing for the city of Cleveland, but to me, it works.

Of course, the “Rise” commercial could go a long way towards fueling the LeBron haters as well, something With Leather points out quite nicely, but for those of us less jaded — or those of us who aren’t as committed to tearing down everything LeBron does — it works.

Just ask Twitter, because from what I’ve seen, the overall reaction is a lot like this:

“I love the commercial with @KingJames Check this video out…”

“Nike LeBron James “Rise” Commercial (MUST WATCH!)”

While the forgiveness for the Summer of LeBron may be slow going, and with Cleveland, it may never happen, the self-awareness, even if it’s manufactured by Nike, works. At least for me.