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Dwight Howard

One of the biggest learning curves for NBA rookies is realizing everyone on the court is in the same ballpark as you when it comes to athleticism. What you could get away with in college — even if it was only for one season — might not work very well in the NBA. Just ask Derrick Rose, a rookie who is becoming a master at getting the rim, Tony Parker-style. Sometimes, however, there are players waiting for you at the rim; players that can do this to weak shot attempts:

Not that he had too much competition, but the Howard’s block on Rose won the NBA’s Block of the Night designation. The Magic held off the Bulls down the stretch to win 96-93. Howard had 22 points, 15 boards and 5 blocked shots.

Naturally, neither team made any of their fans happy.

Orlando followers didn’t like the way the Magic finished the game and Bulls fans were reminded of last season’s team.