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Rajon Rondo

Courtesy of Rajon Rondo.

How does a guy who only scored four points (on 2-9 shooting, no less), dominate an NBA basketball game, when scoring points is always at a premium? By facilitating the rest of your team and enhancing their scoring chances. Oh, and making Shaquille O’Neal look like a reasonable facsimile of his former, dunk-on-everybody self? That helps too. Rondo’s game is sublime, but incredibly deadly. If you’re expecting him to drop 35 in eye-popping, Kevin Durant fashion, you’ll probably be disappointed.

But if you want to watch a player make everybody on his team better, Rajon Rondo is clearly the man for you. When you can put what essentially amounts to 34 points on the board without taking one shot, you’re a dominant player.

Instead of harping on a Miami team comprised of new pieces that haven’t played together because of preseason injuries, I’d rather enjoy the play of a point guard who doesn’t have to score to beat opponents.