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I was drawn to this video via the Star Wars-style crawl and stuck around to see what was being said. Um, no, the Hornets were not robbed, unless you consider getting completely outplayed being robbed. The contention is the referees would call a foul on New Orleans every time they made a run, which, in turn, took the wind out of the Comeback Kids’ sails.

I’m sorry, but you are going to have to find another culprit when your opponent beats you by a total of 79 points in the final two games of the series. Perhaps something like, “Denver was completely the better team and the Hornets just got caught in their wake of awesomeness.” Anything would be more appropriate than blaming the officials.

At least in the this case.

Chicago Bulls fans? Sure, they can argue double-standards (Rondo’s non-suspension as opposed to Howard’s one-game banishment) until they turn blue in the face, and they’d have a point. It wouldn’t help much, but their point would remain and have validity to it. Hornets fans, on the other hand, need to take Denver’s cumulative ass-whippings like adults and just hope the front office finds some help for Chris Paul during the offseason.

Blaming the officials — especially in a series as lopsided as Denver/New Orleans — is awfully weak. I do, however, admire the subterfuge being attempted by the video’s creator. No one will know the face of the man behind the “Officials Robbed the Hornets” meme, nor should they, apparently.