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Today is obviously NBA day around IF–blame the fact nothing else was on last night, save Pittsburgh’s bounce-back against Syracuse–and with that, let’s get into Greg Oden’s big night last night. Against the Milwaukee Bucks, Oden had a career best 24 points, 15 rebounds, 2 blocked shots and 2 steals. Obviously, this the type of performance that made Portland fans drool when they won the NBA Draft lottery last year.

Opposing coach Scott Skiles was impressed with Oden’s performance … if, by impressed, you mean “unhappy with his team’s defensive performance.”

“Everyone seems to have their coming out party on us, and tonight it was Greg Oden,” Bucks coach Scott Skiles said. “He just dominated us. We didn’t have any answers for him. We tried to front him, we tried to play behind him, and he hurt us.”

The question is, how far does this performance go to helping Oden get over his well-documented NBA growing pains? Does he revert back to that bad form if/when he has another bad game or is this type of stuff behind him?