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The fine folks at Nike obviously don’t like seeing their golden child being dunked on, and so, seemingly at the behest of King James, they removed all footage of LeBron being baptized by Xavier’s Jordan Crawford at one of LeBron’s skills summer camps. According to those who saw it, it was a pretty nasty dunk by Joe Crawford‘s younger brother, a two-handed jam that was apparently so nasty, LeBron and his supporting company didn’t want the video — or pictures — appearing online.

Too bad LeBron doesn’t have the same kind of creative control with the NBA like he does with Nike. If so, there’d be no footage of Courtney Lee’s dunks over LeBron during the Cleveland/Orlando series. For that fact, I will thank the maker. And YouTube:

In light of the Lee videos and Nike’s reaction to Jordan Crawford’s dunk — again, at LeBron’s request (if you read the originating article) — I’m surprised Nike hasn’t taken away Lee’s right to wear their shoes.