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Fear the Deer

Here’s a warning to any Atlanta Hawks fans patronizing the downtown Milwaukee area: Watch your back — especially if you are wearing an Al Horford jersey. Thanks to nice flip of the script, in this case, a deer will be hunting you. It’s not just any deer, mind you. No, I’m talking about Bango, the Milwaukee Bucks mascot. Bango has been on a mission to terrorize anyone he catches wearing such offending clothing, something the following video demonstrates quite nicely.

Before I embed the footage, I should warn viewers the images they are about to see may not be safe for sensitive viewers; unless, of course, you like seeing folks in Al Horford jerseys get victimized in public Port-A-Potties.

Run, Horford fan, run!!!!!!

I, for one, am fond of the treadmill segment. Of course, the aftermath of the Port-A-Potty attack was pretty keen as well. In fact, if you’re brazen enough to wear Horford’s jersey in the Milwaukee proper after seeing this public service announcement, you probably deserve having other people’s waste dumped on you.

H/t to Ball Don’t Lie for the find.