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LeBron MVP

ESPN made their end-of-year NBA awards picks, and while honors like Coach of the Year and Most Improved have some variety in the results, the MVP award does not. 20 voters helped make these picks — folks like Tim Legler, Henry Abbot, Chad Ford, Scoop Jackson and Chris Sheridan — which led to various selections in a number of categories. For instance, in the Most Improved category, as many as nine different players are selected. In the MVP category? Only two players were worthy of appearing on this page; however, 19 of the 20 selected the King of Cleveland. That means only one player essentially received one vote to LeBron’s 19.

The player in question is Dwyane Wade, who recently, has been the benefit of many “Wade for MVP” style articles. The following picture (click to enlarge) gives you an idea where the ESPN’s NBA heads lie when it comes to the domination James displayed this season:

LeBron MVP

That’s about as lopsided as the Shaquille O’Neal/Allen Iverson/Fred Hickman first place vote split from a few years ago. Oddly enough, Hickman’s argument for Iverson works in Wade’s favor as well:

You take Shaq away from the Lakers, and you still get a great team,” reasoned Hickman, who voted instead for Philadelphia guard Allen Iverson. “You take Iverson away from the 76ers, and they’re the Clippers.

Where, exactly, would Miami be without Wade? Conversely, I don’t think the Cavaliers would be a “great team” without LeBron, let alone have the best record in the NBA. In fact, I’m not sure either team would be in the playoffs without their superstar.

With that in mind, LeBron is the right choice, even with Wade’s stellar season taken into consideration.