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With the Los Angeles Clippers playing something that resembles respectable basketball — Winner of three games in a row. Shocking, isn’t it? — and all of the accolades going to Blake Griffin’s assault on NBA rims, there are some other youngsters who are contributing for the Clip-Joint as well. Names like DeAndre Jordan, Al-Farouq Aminu and Eric Gordon come to mind, but after last night’s block party against the Miami Heat, if you haven’t heard of Eric Bledsoe, you might want to familiarize yourself.

Bledsoe had two impressive blocks last night, including one of King “I Didn’t Direct Tweet That About Karma at Cleveland” James, which leads this post, and a nasty chase-down block of Mario Chalmers.

While Bledsoe’s block on LeBron gets more notoriety, the chase-down pimp-slap of Mario Chalmers might have been the play of the night. Helping matters is the fact that the Clippers actually beat the Heat, ending their 13-game road winning streak.

Now for Bledsoe’s denial of the Chalmers lay-up, in gif and YouTube format:

Eric Bledsoe

I bet John Calipari wishes he had Bledsoe in that National Title game against Kansas. Memphis fans, too.

Unfortunately for Chalmers, his tough night didn’t end there.