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Elton Brand

Judging by the above picture, it looks like Elton Brand is adjusting to life in Philly very nicely. And thanks to the efforts of the The 700 Level, we now know what he’s going to look like when the Sixers wear their throwback uniforms.

In two words — very good.

As expected, the city of Brotherly Love is ecstatic about the signing of Brand, although, not everyone is happy with Brand’s agent, David Falkor Brand for that matter. Nevertheless, the folks in Philadelphia really don’t care and neither does the Sixers front office:

“It could be – not could be, it’s going to be – very exciting,” Ed Stefanski, the team’s president and general manager, said during the downright giddy news conference introducing Brand. “I like to think we compete with whatever team we have out there, but I feel a lot better having Elton Brand behind me.”

The question I keep coming back to is where does this put the Sixers in terms of being one of the best teams in the East? Did they move ahead of Detroit and LeBron, trailing only the World Champion Celtics? While the definitive answer to that question is a few months away, a team with a roster that boasts:

Elton Brand
Samuel Dalembert
Andre Miller
Andre Iguodala

And the youth of:

Thaddeus Young
Willie Green
Marreese Speights (based on potential, anyway)

Can be as good as any team in the Eastern Conference, regardless if the Cavaliers sign James Posey or not.