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LeBron's Elbow

The People’s Elbow, well, for the city of Cleveland, anyway, isn’t going to miss any time when the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland LeBrons meet in the second round of the NBA Playoffs on Saturday. There was a modicum of concern after LeBron’s reaction to the pain, not to mention the left-handed free throw, after the Cavaliers closed out their series with the Chicago Bulls. The results of yesterday’s retest revealed no structural damage. Instead, LeBron is suffering from a strained elbow, coupled with a bruised bone in the same vicinity.

While the pain probably won’t completely subside until James’ playoff run is over, the damaged joint shouldn’t have much impact on his game, unless the same level of pain resurfaces. I’m curious to see how LeBron reacts after someone like Kevin Garnett or Glenn Davis run into the elbow in question. If the same level of shooting pain reappears, will he be able to shoot jump shots? Free throws? Would he be willing to drive in the paint like the runaway truck he resembles or will he shy away from such physical play?

These are just some things to be aware of when the C+C NBA Playoff Factory takes the floor on Saturday. If pictures do indeed speak a thousand words, from the look of the following image, even if his elbow is in pain, it won’t keep him out of the paint:

LeBron James

You can exhale now, Cavaliers fans — at least until a member of Celtics comes into contact with LeBron’s painful right elbow.