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Yeah, it’s a slow news day, so things like this tend to stand out when you are hunting for content. While touring the Philippines, Bryant spoke about whether or not the faltering economy would hurt attendance for the upcoming NBA season. He’s confident it won’t, saying families will continue to support NBA basketball. He did not, however, say anything about the shrinking salary cap and how it could impact rosters with high-salary players on them.

But, I’m digressing. The reason Kobe’s comments stood out is because he’s touring Asia to promote his shoe. Um, weren’t they manufactured there? Anyway, it’s easy to view the economy from a “What? Me Worry?” perspective when you are in the Philippines hawking your footwear to folks who probably can’t afford them.

Oh, and the reasoning behind Kobe’s confidence sounds like a shoe pitch as well:

“(I) get my heart out there in the court to play because this may be the first time or the last time that a kid or a family ever comes to watch us play or perform,” said Bryant, who led the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA title last month.

That almost sounds like, “you never know, if I put on a good performance, those folks might just buy my shoes.” Perhaps I’m being too cynical, though. Who knows? Maybe consumer interest in Kobe’s shoes is what gives him confidence fans will continue to support the NBA, even if the economy doesn’t inspire the same kind of reaction.