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Eastern Conference PlayoffsWhile the Western Conference is waiting until the very last day to decide their seeding arrangements, the Eastern Conference has already turned in their batting order line-up and there are some intriguing match-ups you might want to pay attention to:

Will Boston steamroll Atlanta? Not if Josh Childress has his way.

How about Detroit? Will they be able to handle the upstart 76ers; a team that has handled the Pistons in their last two meetings? Will the established starting five be able to deal with the youth and athleticism of a team that’s sporting some well-deserved and new found confidence?

What are your thoughts on Orlando/Toronto? Will this be a Dwight Howard/Chris Bosh match-up for the ages or will this series get lost in the Detroit/Boston/LeBron shuffle?

The most intriguing match-up of the Eastern Conference’s opening round has to be Cleveland and Washington. With Cleveland, you know what you are getting: LeBron James and his band of merry supporters.

With Washington, you have a coming-off-of-knee-surgery Hibachi and his running mates, Antwain Jamison and Caron Butler. On paper, it looks like the Wizards have more talent but they are missing one key ingredient: King James.

Of course, there is some playoff history here and one wonders if LeBron will be able to get in Arenas’ head again if he’s at the free throw line with the game in the balance.

Will Gilbert be able to get over what’s eating him this time? (Sorry, really bad pun.)