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We are down to the last game(s) of the NBA’s regular season and teams are scratching and clawing for favorable playoff position. A great deal of said scratching and clawing is being done by star players like LeBron and Kobe — two of the favorites for the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award. As indicated here and other, more prominent NBA blogs, Dwyane Wade deserves to be part of the MVP conversation and after last night’s career-high 55-point performance against the New York Knicks — which secured the no-playoffs-without-Wade Heat the fifth seed when the fun starts on Saturday — he might have just sealed his MV3 fate.

The Miami season has largely been about the return of Dwyane Wade to his dominant self, something he’s stepped right into following his impressive Olympics showing. But last night, he might have outdone himself. Scoring a career-high 55 points (on 19-30 shooting, plus a career-high six 3-pointers) and pulling 9 rebounds in one of your last games of the regular season to help solidify your team’s playoff position — on a team, that, without Wade, would certainly be looking at a lot of lottery balls — is most valuable indeed.

However, is he the most, most valuable? Or has LeBron done enough to hold Wade’s stampede off?