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The Exclusive NBA Goggle Club

The Goggle Club in the NBA is a very exclusive collection. Only a few choice individuals have the opportunity for election into this group, but they recently enshrined a new member, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat. (Granted it was just a temporary selection because of his migraines, but he’s a member nonetheless) In honor of his selection, here is a quick rundown of my favorite goggles in the NBA.

Kurt Rambis
Rambis, the Godfather of Goggles, was a key member of 4 Los Angeles Lakers championship teams during the 80s. He even earned the nickname “Superman” from the Lakers’ announcers because of his Clark Kent like appearance. His all-out effort won over fans and players alike, and his work ethic and basketball knowledge led to his being named head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, official team of NUMB#RS cologne, and potential All-Star Kevin Love.

Rambis makes this list over fellow Laker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar because Rambis wins the acting tie-breaker, though Kareem in Airplane was pretty good.

Horace Grant
My favorite goggled hoopster and better half of the Grant twins, Horace Grant is best known for being the workhorse and cleaning up for Jordan and Pippen’s Chicago Bulls teams. He later played the same role for the Orlando Magic and the Lakers, winning 4 titles overall. He kept up the Rambis charge of being a great rebounder and defender being named to the NBA All-Defensive team 4 times.

Amare Stoudemire
I’m actually not a big Stoudemire or New York Knicks fan, but how can you argue with dunks like this and this?

Pete Weber
Ok, so Weber isn’t actually in the NBA but I’m including him in this list because, honestly, how many professional bowlers ever get included on any lists? Officially labeled the PBA’s Bad Boy, Weber could have had a place on the Detroit Pistons rosters of the 80s and 90s.

Nate Westre
Yeah, I never played in the NBA either but I was pretty dominant in junior high. Even though a broken wrist derailed my 7th grade season, I rebounded nicely in 8th grade averaging 16 points and 11 boards a game despite my rec specs that were about 3 sizes too big. Yeah, I’m surprised I didn’t make it at the next level too. Roy Williams and Bill Self don’t know what they were missing.