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Lost in the hubbub of the Bulls/Celtics and their refuse-to-end series is the Orlando Magic, who laid a surprising beatdown on the Philadelphia 76ers, all while their franchise center sat in his hotel room, blogging about the game. Howard’s absence was due to his elbow-related suspension, a fact that caused most to assume a Game 7 was imminent — everyone except Howard’s teammates, apparently. Rashard Lewis led the way for the Magic with 29 points, but it was J.J. Redick (Really?!?!) who provided some of the scoring the Magic might’ve missed without Howard, offering 15 huge points of his own.

The highlight of the game for the Magic had to be Marcin Gortat’s dunk, whose picture inspired these words from the 700 Level: “Sixers Game Six Loss Summarized in One Picture.” Indeed it was, indeed it was.

Gortat’s dunk was so devastating, some Sixer fans would like their franchise to dump Samuel Dalembert and pick up the Polish Hammer. Hey, maybe a healthy Elton Brand can change these post season fortunes next season. Until then, you’ll always have Marcin Gortat destroying Samuel, punctuating a bad loss to an undermanned team.