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If Stan Van Jeremy thought life without Jameer Nelson was difficult, imagine how he’ll feel when Orlando and Philly go at it in Game 6 — most likely without Stan’s main man, Dwight Howard. As you can see in the video, Howard’s mountain-sized elbow made contact with Samuel Dalembert’s noggin… Because Superman threw it at him. Apparently, the roughhousing in the paint reached an irritating level for Howard, and so, he lost his composure for a moment, which will likely result in Howard being suspended for the next game.

The rules state a player who throws an elbow and makes contact above the shoulders is ejected. Because that clearly did not happen — Howard went on to tally 24 points and 24 rebounds — it’s highly doubtful he’ll be available for the Magic for Game 6.

In other news, Howard had a block last night that was absolutely impressive:

Unfortunately for the Magic, Howard’s elbow — there’s that troublemaker again — came down on Courtney Lee’s face and fractured his teammate’s sinus (h/t to the Skeets Twitter feed). Looks like Ron “Van Gundy” Jeremy will be without three of his key components when Game 6 tips off.

Can you say Game 7?